David Burtka  Montego Glover   Chip Zien
Josh Grisetti  Adam Heller   Michael X. Martin
Anne L. Nathan   Nick Spangler
and Edward Hibbert

Now in Previews on Broadway!
Opening Night April 14th

There’s the bride who’s hysterical
and the groom who’s nervous
and the best man who’s daffy
and the maid of honor who’s angry
and the groom’s mother who loves her son so much it’s scary
and the bride’s mother who loves her daughters so much it’s scary
and the bride and grooms’ fathers who hide
and Aunt Sheila who hits on waiters
and Uncle Morty who’s kind of crazy
and Albert the wedding planner who’s psychic
and at the center of it all is the bride’s sister Jenny who is determined to give her perfect sister the perfect wedding
and then the bride’s boyfriend shows up...
and that’s just the opening number. 



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Illustration by Esther Wu